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Ingenious Electricity-Free Heater Warms Your Home for Pennies a Day

Looking for a way to warm up your home without overspending? Egloo, which claims to heat your room for 10 cents a day, might do the trick. This tiny, domed structure uses just three tea lights and heats up in five minutes. Designer Marco Zagaria funded this eco-friendly, sustainable heater through a successful Indiegogo campaign last year and the heaters, weighing in around 2 pounds, are available for worldwide shipping via the Egloo website.

Boasting five hours of heating for every refill, Egloo is ideal in a space up to 200 sq ft. How does it work? Composed of two terracotta domes and a metal grill, Egloo takes advantage of the material’s natural heating ability. The small space for air to enter, which allows for combustion, helps the warm air stored in the dome move to the outside environment. Egloo is available in a range of finishes, from bright hues to textured metal, letting you chose what goes best with your interiors. The only thing left to do is stock up on tea lights.

Egloo Website | Facebook
via [Inhabitat]

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