Spectacular Photos Capture the Magnetic Beauty of Norway’s Natural Wonders

Northern Lights Photos

Time and time again, travel photographers have proven that no site is as magical as the Nordic landscape. Whether lit by the Northern Lights or shot in the midday sun, the region's dreamy scenery is always an ideal subject. One person who is particularly drawn to this enchanting environment is Even Tryggstrand, a photographer whose body of work showcases Norway's natural beauty.

“Born under the Northern Lights” and based in Tromsø, Tryggstrand has a strong connection to Norway. His admiration for the Arctic Circle and its surrounding areas is evident in his photographs, which showcase a range of jaw-dropping landscapes, from snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear waters to sparkling stars and glistening auroras.

Like most nature photographers, Tryggstrand's practice pairs his two passions: photography and the great outdoors. With this mind, his method for capturing such dazzling shots come as no surprise. “I  spend a lot of time hiking in the mountains,” he tells My Modern Met, “as Norway has endless opportunities for hiking in untouched nature.”

Currently, Tryggstrand plans to continue tapping into Norway's unknown. However, he intends to eventually expand his horizons, noting that he is focusing on “Nordic countries at the moment with the rest of the world on the list.”

These spectacular travel photos by Even Tryggstrand invite you to wander through Norwegian nature.

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Even Tryggstrand.

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