Senior Cats Get Their Own Purrfect Retirement Village in the UK

Kittens are universally adorable, but what about when they grow up? Senior cats historically get adopted much less than young cats and kittens whose nonstop antics are hard to pass up. As a result, many elder cats who have no health problems end up being euthanized at overcrowded shelters. In one English town, though, they're living their best lives in a retirement village built just for them.

After the staff at Shropshire Cat Rescue grew saddened by watching older cats live out their last years stuck in small pens, they decided to build the retirement village featuring six luxury chalets as well as the “Moggie Mansion” in 2009. Each chalet can house four cats with room to spare. The mansion acts a sort of community room for when the cats want to mix with their fellow golden oldies.

While having space to roam around outside during their waking hours, the cats also have no shortage of doting humans prepared to give lots of pets or offer a lap for the geriatric kitties to sit in. In fact, the rescue runs a program bringing both adults and children in to read books to the cats.

Along with their homey accommodations and all the social time they could desire, the senior cats are weighed each week and get a vet visit if there is ever a concern about their health. This great care has led to some pet surrenders by elder cat owners who can't tend to their pet's needs and want to ensure their beloved animal companions live well for the rest of their days.

Along with the 20 or so senior cats, Shropshire Cat Rescue also has free-roaming cats and a kitten nursery along with their active adoption program. As delightful as their current retirement village is, the rescue is hoping to raise enough money to move to a 10-acre plot and expand their facilities including their beloved senior village.

If you’d like to help Shropshire Cat Rescue expand, you can donate to their cause online.

Elderly cats have their own little retirement village called Shropshire Cat Rescue.

The sweet senior kitties who reside there get to spend their later years pampered and napping as much as they want.

Watch this veterinarian visit the cat retirement village and meet one of its most beloved residents, Johnny the blind and deaf cat.

Shropshire Cat Rescue: Website | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [Upworthy]

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