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All-Encompassing Bookshelf Allows Readers to Be Surrounded by Their Favorite Books

French designer Gilles Belley defines a room inside of a room with his recent project titled Area. The structure features a rounded, semi-enclosed space that’s lined with vertical blades that double as bookshelves. With this design, you decide on how little or how much privacy you’d like–objects can fill the rectangular openings and create a wall of novels and knick-knacks. This separation allows for a space to play, work, or talk without being interrupted.

A portal frame and floor create a threshold on which to enter the space. They have slots etched into the floor, and the white steel dividers are secured into them. Like blinds, these blades can be pivoted to appear open or closed.

Although Area is seen here as a freestanding structure, it’s modular, reconfigurable, and the dimensions can be changed. If you’d prefer the support of already-existing walls, it’s possible to arrange the shelving so that it appears built into your home. With these options, Area can reinvent its look and always be appropriate to your home-decor needs.

Gilles Belley: Website
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