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Drone Wedding Photos Beautifully Capture Couples as the Only Two People in the World

We’ve seen drone photography capture some truly stunning images thanks to its aerial vantage point. Through this lens, a subject’s beauty is showcased in a whole new light. Tahiti-based photographer Helene Havard uses camera drones to redefine wedding photography. Unlike typical portraits where couples are front and center, Havard pictures them as ants in gorgeous and grandiose landscapes.

The images are shot throughout the islands of French Polynesia in turquoise-blue waters and beneath palm forests. Havard specifically places her subjects together among a seemingly infinite terrain, conveying a sense of closeness and symbolizing a common feeling when you’re in love—that you and your beau are the only two in the world. As the tiny couples bob and sway in the ocean, they too are islands all their own.

To create these romantic photos, Havard collaborates with wedding videographer Flying World Pictures and instructs the drone operator from the ground. The endless skies are an appealing place for Havard. “I have always needed lot of freedom,” she admitted to Feature Shoot, and this boundless attitude allows couples to see their special day in a whole new way.

Helene Havard: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Adventures of Yoo, Feature Shoot]

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