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Giant Cracked Face Statue Depicts Strength and Fragility

Tindaro Screpolato is an enormous bronze statue by sculptor Igor Mitoraj that is located in the Boboli Garden in Florence, Italy. The Germany-born Polish artist's towering structure features the cracked and disembodied face of a man set against the lush, green landscape of the garden. The crumbling visage complements its lively environment, at times seeming like its guardian that weathered down to nothing more than a fractured face, holding its position nonetheless.

The spectacular sculpture is an eye-catching piece that passersby feel compelled to capture, both digitally and on film. There's a draw to the statue that, all at once, depicts strength and fragility. There's a sense of loyalty, power, and persistence in the face of adversity. Like the garden itself, the sculpture must push through nature's elements and acclimate.

Top photo via upto-theblackbird

Photo credit: Peter Jebson

Photo credit: ShutterRunner

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Photo credit: Alessandro Firmalli

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