Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Garden Grows Up to 30 Plants at a Time

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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Wish you could have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, but don't have a green thumb? You're in luck because iHarvest is a fully-automated indoor gardening system that allows you to grow up to 30 fruits, vegetables, and herbs year round by harnessing the power of hydroponics. This means that no matter what your skill level is as a gardener, you'll be able to create your own in-home produce aisle.

By using a hydroponic system, iHarvest can grow plants 30% to 50% faster than traditional gardening—your harvest will be going from seed to plant to plate in no time. Additionally, the slim system was specifically designed to function in even the smallest apartments, as it takes up just 2.5 square feet of space. And if you're concerned about power consumption, iHarvest's low-energy, full-spectrum LEDs provide the perfect amount of light without causing a bump in your electric bill. In fact, its two lights consume the same amount of electricity as a 72-Watt lightbulb.

Using iHarvest is quite easy, even for inexperienced gardeners. Once the seeds are dropped in the mineral-rich media and placed in a pod, you just need to add water. After that, there's nothing more to do other than wait and watch your seeds grow. The system can even handle hanging vegetables like zucchini and squash thanks to a special trellis system.

The fully-automated system means that your garden can grow through all four seasons, providing you with all the nutrients that come from fresh vegetables and fruit. Another added benefit of the hydroponic system is that the lack of soil also cuts down on the chance of disease, which means no pesticides. As the home gardening movement continues to grow, iHarvest is a great solution, whether you lack space for an outdoor garden, don't feel confident in your skills, or live in a climate that prohibits effective gardening for part of the year.

iHarvest is now available on Kickstarter for $599, which is 30% off the suggested retail price. Delivery is estimated for September 2019.

iHarvest is a fully automatic indoor hydroponic garden that grows up to 30 plants at a time.

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Self-Watering Indoor Garden

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Once seeds are planted in the mineral-rich medium and the system is filled with water, you can just watch the plants grow.

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

iHarvest can even support hanging fruits and veggies thanks to its trellis system.

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

iHarvest - Indoor Hydroponic Garden

The small footprint and minimal consumption make this indoor hydroponic garden the perfect solution for any home.

Automatic Hydroponic Indoor Garden

iHarvest: Kickstarter

All photos via iHarvest.

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