Indiana Cheerleaders Save March Madness Basketball Game With Expert Stunt

Each year, March Madness games draw excitement from college basketball fans everywhere. Sucked in by everything from the incredible plays to the jaw-dropping saves, sports fanatics and even mere enthusiasts are kept at the edge of their seats for the duration of the exciting tournament. With their bracket predictions at the ready, everyone has high hopes for their favorite teams and players. However, no one ever counts on the cheerleaders to be in the spotlight. But that all changed during a game between the Indiana men’s basketball team and their opponents Saint Mary’s when two talented Hoosier cheerleaders came in clutch with a critical stunt that actually saved the game.

The match between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Saint Mary’s Gaels had come to an abrupt halt when a rogue shot got the ball stuck between the backboard and the game clock. Referees tried to devise a way to get the rock down, even trying to use a mop to knock it loose, but their attempts were to no avail. One player offered to climb on a chair to reach it, but the suggestion was quickly dismissed out of fear that he might fall and get hurt. Yet, the whole time the ones perfectly suited for the task were right there on the sidelines.

Two fearless Indiana cheerleaders, Nathan Paris and Cassidy Cerny, came forward to help retrieve the ball. And for the most exhilarating play of the game, Paris hoisted Cerny in the air, holding her by her feet while she reached high above her head to retrieve the wayward ball. And though they quickly became the night’s MVPs, for the talented Hoosiers cheerleaders it was just another simple stunt.

Still, the game-saving play quickly went viral, garnering more than 1.5 million views on Twitter. But no one is more surprised than the two heroes in question to see how it has blown up. “I was like, we lift them up all the time, so why don’t we try that?” Paris shared, recalling their moment in the spotlight. The two cheerleaders felt the call to step in when they saw all eyes on them, and they were thinking that maybe they would have to put their skills to use. “I didn’t think that was gonna happen though,” added Cerny.

But despite the cheerleaders’ disbelief, fans were enthralled by their outstanding stunt. And with March Madness soon drawing to a close, it’s unlikely that any other play will manage to top it.

Two fearless Indiana Hoosiers cheerleaders made the save of a lifetime during a March Madness game.

Hear their thrilled reactions to their exciting moment in the spotlight during the Indiana basketball game.

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