Incredible Award-Winning Aquatic Designs Inspired By Nature

Serkan etinkol, Turkey: 2013 IAPLC Top 27

Every year, the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) receives design concepts from aquarium hobbyists throughout the world. Designers propose a wide range of concepts set within various tank sizes that are intended to function as nature-inspired habitats. The well-developed aquatic spaces include details like meticulously placed stones, trees, and mosses; sand and driftwood; and creatively arranged aquatic plants.

Aquascaping is a unique underwater art form that requires extreme patience across months, an intense attention to detail to ensure functionality, and an expert knowledge of biology in order to predict how various species and organisms will naturally react within the confined spaces. Not only do the designs have to be visually appealing, but the concept must be sustainable in order to move further along in the contest.

Collected here are an assortment of winners from the past competitions. The prizes range from grand prize winners to gold, silver, bronze, and Top 100 awards.

Takayuki Fukada, Japan: 2013 IAPLC Gold Prize

Truong Thinh Ngo, Vietnam: 2013 IAPLC Grand Prize

Chow Wai Sun, Hong Kong: 2011 IAPLC Bronze Prize

Leandro Artioli, Brazil: 2012 IAPLC Top 100

Dmitriy Parshin, Russia: 2011 IAPLC Silver Prize

Cheng Siu Wai, Hong Kong: 2008 IAPLC Grand Prize

Georgi Chaushev, Bulgaria: 2012 IAPLC Top 100

Francisco Wu, Spain: 2012 IAPLC Top 100

Shintaro Matsui, Japan: 2013 IAPLC Fifth Place

Pavel Bautin, Russia: 2010 IAPLC Grand Prize Winner

Wai Hung Tony Wong, Hong Kong: 2011 IAPLC World Ranking #9

Nguyen Tien Dung, Vietnam; 2009 IAPLC Grand Prize Winner

Song Pin Chen, Taiwan: 2012 IAPLC Top 100

Chutipas Narkkrasae, Thailand: 2012 IAPLC Top 100

International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest website
via [Colossal]

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