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Artist Transforms Driftwood into Stunning Sculptures of Animals in Motion

Sculptor James Doran-Webb uses pieces of driftwood to form stunning creatures that look as though they’re in motion. In a scale that’s larger than life, rabbits, horses, and birds appear to be in mid hop, gallop, and flap. Webb’s work with the highly-textured wood is methodical, and he fuses many small pieces to mimic large swaths of hair or fur. He produces the energetic lines that keep our eyes moving and evoke a dramatic feel–with just a glance, we understand the incredible power of these animals.

To craft his gorgeous artwork, Webb collects driftwood of varying sizes that form along the shorelines and riverbeds of the Philippines. The wood is from a number of indigenous hearty species, which were all dense enough to withstand many years of extreme tropical climate and intense frosts.

Webb has been building with this chosen material since the early 2000s, and he has created an extensive portfolio since that time. He’s currently preparing for a solo exhibition at The Contemporary Fine Art Gallery Eton, opening in December 2015.

James Doran-Webb: Website | Facebook

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