Jamie Lee Curtis’ Support of Michelle Yeoh Is an Inspiration for Female Friendships Everywhere

When Michelle Yeoh was announced as the winner of the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes, no one was more excited than fellow actor Jamie Lee Curtis, who she shared the screen with on Everything Everywhere All at Once. The telecast showed Curtis mid-roar, with her arms up in the air, as she cheered for her castmate. Now, her genuine and wholesome reaction has captured the hearts of many, as it has become an inspiration for female friendships around the world.

Curtis first shared a screengrab of her now-famous Golden Globes reaction with the caption, “Once a cheerleader. ALWAYS a cheerleader. My Bae won a Golden Globe. Her first nomination and win.” This spurred positive comments like, “This is how queens do it! Love you!” and “This. Is. Everything. Everyone needs a ‘Jamie’ for a friend. Cheering her friend on! Yes!”

It didn't take long before her reaction transcended social media. Three days later, the image of her reaction had made it to t-shirts with the message, “Friends supporting friends,” which Curtis and Yeoh proudly shared pictures of.  However, one of the most powerful things it inspired was an essay by Erin Gallagher, CEO and founder of gender equity company Ella, which she posted to LinkedIn. “Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023: unabashed hype woman. Full on. Full out. Full force.” the essay begins. It continues:

Look at Jamie Lee Curtis.

Look. At. Her.

You can feel her energy, her fire, her power.

Her excitement, joy and passion for Michelle is palpable. The photo moves. It vibrates.

If you saw this photo without context, you may think that it was actually *Jamie* who won.

Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023.

Hype. Other. Women.

When she wins, fight the urge to question…

…who does she think she is?
…why is she getting attention?
…did she really deserve it?
…is she really that good?
…what about me?

Guess what? The world has sold you a lie.

Her success doesn’t detract from yours.
Her wins don’t create your losses.
Her joy can’t steal the joy that’s meant for you.

De-condition and unlearn what you’ve been wired to think: that women are your competition.

It's a trap. Meant to distract us. And to keep us keeping each other down.

Find your Jamie.
Hype their Jamie.
Be her Jamie.

Curtis caught wind of the essay, and thanked Gallagher on Instagram. “I'm still stunned that a moment of natural exuberance and joy, became some sort of a symbol for women supporting other women,” the actress wrote and shared a picture of her shirt. “#FRIENDSSUPPORTINGFRIENDS is a perfect squad goal for 2023. Thank you Erin and all who are expanding it and amplifying the message.”

Given that the awards season has just begun, we can expect more inspiring moments from Curtis and Yeoh. While the former had to miss the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony due to her COVID diagnosis, and even after losing the Best Supporting Actress award to Angela Bassett, she still shined a light on her friend via Instagram. “Had I won the @criticschoice award last night, my acceptance speech, beside the general appreciation for the creative team, production team and my personal team would have simply been two words. MICHELLE YEOH,” she wrote. “She was the reason I said yes to [Everything Everywhere All At Once]. She IS the movie and I am so happy the she is my bae and friend!”

Jamie Lee Curtis' wholesome reaction to Michelle Yeoh's victory at the Golden Globes has captured the hearts of many, and has become an inspiration for female friendships around the world.

“She IS the movie and I am so happy the she is my bae and friend!” Curtis exclaimed.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Instagram
Michelle Yeoh: Instagram
h/t: [People]

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