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Amazing 3D Book Collages Bring Classic Stories to Life


Artist Kelly Campbell Berry doesn’t just let a book come alive in her own imagination. She actually creates book sculptures where the words and characters burst out of the pages for all to see. In each piece, the Oklahoma-based artist collages layers of illustrations with snippets of text from the story. Her visual interpretations are filled with the energy and adventures from many children’s novels including Peter Pan, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, and Charlotte’s Web.

Berry says, “I am truly amazed at the ability some people have to arrange words in such a way that we, the readers, can actually ‘see’ into the imagined world of the writer. We relate, feel, and become invested in the characters so deeply that we are pulled into their world for a brief moment of escape. My book sculptures are my way of showing what the words on the pages create in the imagination of the readers.”

kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-2kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-3kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-4kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-5kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-6kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-7kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-8kelly-campbell-3d-book-collage-9Kelly Campbell on Etsy
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