Photographer Captures the Stunning Beauty of the Fantasy-Like Faroe Islands

Photographer Lazar Gintchin Captures the Stunning Beauty of the Fantasy-Like Faroe Islands

There are some corners of our planet that look like magical fairytales come to life, where one might expect to find fairies, Bilbo Baggins the hobbit, or wood nymphs around any corner. The Faroe Islands are such a place. Rolling green meadows, dramatic hillsides, and plunging cliffs could enchant any traveler. The natural beauty of this remote archipelago in the North Atlantic certainly enchanted fine art landscape photographer Lazar Gintchin, whose images of the islands provide a window into a lush, gem-toned world.

Located 200 miles northwest of Scotland, the Faroe Islands are only about 540 square miles with a population of just over 53,000 people. They are an autonomous territory of Denmark with a long history of Norse settlement. The islands are surprisingly mild as the gulf stream keeps extreme temperatures in check. They have a diverse, tundra-style ecosystem with many plants, few trees, and ample varieties of sea birds. It was into this landscape Gintchin traveled in search of what he calls “live art.”

As a fine-art photographer, Gintchin searches for majestic views—or “live art”—which he captures with his camera. Transformed into high quality fine art prints, these images serve as windows to the world. The depth and detail are goals of Gintchin's, who began pursuing landscape photography as a youth in Bulgaria. From his early adventures with film in the Pirin mountains to his digital journeys around the world, Gintchin has photographed aspen forests, desert canyons, and sunsets. He currently lives in Colorado with his family. You can follow his work and travels on Instagram and his website, where prints are also available.

Photographer Lazar Gintchin captured the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands on a recent trip to the archipelago.

A Guide From Above Ocean Lighthouse

The islands are a fascinating ecosystem of rich greens reminiscent of a fairy land.

Angels Garden Gintchin Fine Art

Gintchin sees his work as capturing “live art” to provide windows to the world through high-quality fine art prints.

Faroe Islands Hobbit House Like Middle Earth

Faroe Islands Hobbit House Like Middle Earth

Faroe Islands Gintchin Fine-Art

Faroe Islands Gintchin Fine Art

Hobbit Fantasy Gintchin

Faroe Islands Gintchin Fine Art

Serenity Fjord Faroe Island

Sunset Faroe Islands

Waterfall Faroe Islands Landscape

Sky Castle in the Cloud

Lazar Gintchin: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Lazar Gintchin.

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