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Japanese Baker Hides Edible Illustrations Inside Loaves of Bread

When you slice into a loaf of bread, you hardly expect to see a smiley face greeting you from under the crust. Tokyo-based baker Konel Bread is changing that, with adorable illustrations that are embedded directly into loaves of bread. Hiding beneath its brown exterior, you’d never realize that there are images of fruit, cartoons, or wild patterns just waiting to be discovered.

Konel Bread uses natural colors to create these surprising designs. Cocoa, beetroot, and spinach are just some of the ingredients in her repertoire. To form the interior illustrations, she employs an approach similar to making deco-sushi: long, rounded pieces of dough are positioned within larger chunks that form the outer loaf. This relatively simple method yields great results—especially with the Peanut characters and Totoro. Sandwiches have never been so charming.

Konel Bread: Instagram | Facebook
via [RocketNews24]

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