Lego Enthusiast Completes Entire an Space-Themed Collection Brick by Brick

Big Adult LEGO Space-Themed Sets Collection

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For dedicated adult LEGO hobbyists, there’s nothing better than finishing the build of a complicated set. The only thing that can trump that feeling is completing an entire LEGO collection. A LEGO fan since childhood, Étienne Goyer felt that joy when he finally completed all of his space-themed sets. Bursting with pride in his impressive collection, he shared a photo of it on Reddit. His fellow brick enthusiasts were just as stoked as him to see the awesome collection put together.

The effort clearly took a lot of dedication, as several of the space-themed LEGO sets have hundreds of pieces—some have thousands. The largest in Goyer’s space collection is the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery LEGO set with 2,354 pieces. And as another interesting easter egg, the NASA Apollo Saturn V set boasts a total of 1,969 pieces, the perfect number to match the year that Americans first landed on the Moon. (The enthusiastic builder admits that set was his favorite one to build of the entire bunch.)

Goyer estimates that it took him around 30 hours to build the whole collection, with 12 of those dedicated to the Shuttle Discovery set alone. But he says that he no longer calculates how long it takes him to complete one as it ultimately ruins the experience. “It’s by doing them slowly that you get to see the details in each set,” Goyer tells My Modern Met.

“Building LEGO sets saved my mental health during the 2020 lockdown,” Goyer continues. At one point, I was tired of watching TV and playing video games, so I ordered the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (a 4,784-piece set). It kept me busy for nearly a week.”

That’s when Goyer renewed his childhood interest in LEGO building, and now he has a variety of sets and themed collections. Though he hasn’t counted the exact number, he shares, “I would say I have enough [sets] to make my mom seriously angry with me.” His LEGO collection includes sets from popular movie franchises, like Harry Potter and Star Wars, as well as other themes from LEGO Ideas and LEGO Creator Expert sets. Some of the ones he’s completed include the LEGO Titanic, a brick replica of the Colosseum, and a set of the Hogwarts Castle—which Goyer says is his favorite one that he’s ever done.

In the future, he might even be able to add a model of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) to his impressive space-themed array. Because, as one enthusiastic commenter said, “The first mistake…is thinking a LEGO collection is complete.”

LEGO enthusiast Étienne Goyer completed his impressive space-themed collection and shared a photo of the proud accomplishment on Reddit.

Big Adult LEGO Space-Themed Sets Collection

He's also completed a variety of other complicated LEGO sets with hundreds and thousands of pieces, like the Hogwarts Castle (his favorite)…

Big Adult Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle Set

…the Titanic…

Big Adult Titanic Lego Set

…and the Colosseum.

Big Adult Lego Colosseum Set

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