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Behind the Life-Size Lego Room Illusion

After we wrote about Valentino Fiadini’s mini Lego rooms that look like life-size locations, we saw his work spread around the web on sites we love like Gizmodo and PetaPixel. Fiadini had approached us first with his creative works and now we’re excited to bring you a behind the scenes shot of his process as well as a sneak peek photo of his next set which involves a different medium, rocks. First, however, enjoy more color bursting photos of his original Lego rooms.

“One of my specialties is architectural photography,” he tells us. “So for my artwork, I decided to create my own architecture. The use of Lego pieces came because of the color and reflection. Also, the small size of the box and big size of the print is necessary to create a question inside the head of the observer.”

Valentino Fiadini’s website

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