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Artist Uses Shotgun Shells to Create Provocative Art Forms

Australian artist Linton Meagher constructs beautiful forms out of the most surprising human-made materials. Each one of these mosaic sculptures is composed from hundreds of empty shotgun shells, shotgun pellets, and acrylic in resin. The expressive pieces feature exaggerated colors and unexpected details that emerge from the perfectly arranged metal casings.

In an attempt to challenge his viewers, the artist is constantly exploring how ready-made, mass-produced products can be reworked into new and unpredictable forms. His work presents a juxtaposition between cold, harsh metal and elegant creatures in a visually appealing commentary on how everyday cultures regularly enhance and manipulate the world in order to create false beauty.

Meagher explains, “The bullets are quite repellent by themselves, but when there are thousands of them glinting in the light they actually look quite beautiful. Hence, the gun becomes an object of beauty in much the same way that the gun is often romanticized in popular culture.”

Linton Meagher's website
via [Unicorn Meat Is Too Mainstream]

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