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Overcoming Writer’s Block by Containing it in a Glass Dome

Writer’s block can be a frustrating occurrence for those who make their living in the written word. The inability to author new and creative thoughts is a struggle that can be difficult to overcome. Instead of letting all of these moments go to waste, LoveJordan–the collaborative work of London-based artists Johnny Love and Samuel Jordan– found a way to make the most of all of those baffling moments when words are lost and thoughts stand still.

Made entirely from paper, The Writer’s Block Library is an installation filled with empty books, envelopes, scrolls, files, and paper stacks that consolidates these temporary difficulties underneath a glass dome. The installation preserves the piles of empty pages for future inspiration, when creativity is sparked and the words again begin to flow. LoveJordan describes the project by saying, “Writer’s block can strike at any time rendering all ideas blank and unclear. The Writer’s Block Library takes all those blanks and stores them, waiting to be filled.”

LoveJordan’s website
via [Junkculture]

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