These Quirky Handmade Cat Houses Give Kitties a Cozy Place to Doze Off

Cat House by Meow Felt

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If you’ve got a cat, you know how much they love to lounge. On average, domestic cats can sleep up to 15 hours per day, so it’s important they have multiple cozy spots to choose from. Luckily, Ukraine-based artists Denis and Katya (aka Meow Felt) create adorably characterized, felt cat beds (or cat houses), handmade from natural wool. From a panda-shaped den to a fox-inspired cave, each quirky creation is a fun alternative to conventional cat furniture.

Each Meow Felt cat bed is made using the centuries-old water felting technique. Colored sheets of natural wool are first sprayed with water before pulling the fibers apart into cloud-like wisps of fabric. The artists then start to layer the fibers, sculpting them into compact, structural shapes. Each cat bed is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, making them a great addition to any kitty’s abode.

Denis and Katya’s charming collection includes kitty hideaways in the shape of a whale, pumpkins, and even a Christmas tree. One particular design is inspired by Totoro, a lovable forest spirit animal from Hayao Miyazaki’s anime My Neighbor Totoro. Fans of the film will appreciate the adorable handmade details, such as his whiskers and leaf hat.

You can find out more and buy your cat a Meow Felt bed on Etsy.

Ukraine-based artists Denis and Katya (aka Meow Felt) create adorable character-inspired, felt cat beds.

Totoro Cat House by Meow FeltQuirky Cat House by Meow Felt

Made from natural wool, each design is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Cat House by Meow FeltChristmas Cat House by Meow FeltFun Cat House by Meow FeltCat House by Meow Felt

Each quirky creation is a fun alternative to conventional cat beds that any feline is sure to love.

Quirky Cat House by Meow FeltCat House by Meow FeltCool Cat House by Meow FeltFun Cat House by Meow FeltTotoro Cat House by Meow Felt

This cat can’t even choose his favorite!


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