Recent Entries for the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

As the deadline nears for the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, more and more outstanding entries are being submitted every day. Photographers from around the globe are sharing their most remarkable travel moments and adventurous spirit as seen through the eye of their camera lenses.

Since March, we have been sharing with you the many spectacular moments that will certainly make choosing a winner a tough feat for the contest judges. Here, we offer some of the more recent entries which invite viewers to journey to the island of Hawaii, to venture into the wineries of South Australia, to enjoy a magical sunset in San Francisco, and much, much more.

It's not too late to submit the best of your own travel experiences! The contest is accepting entries until June 30 and the grand prize winner will receive a National Geographic Expedition to Alaska.

Above: Divine Makeover
Location: Kaveripattinam, Tamilnadu, India
Taken during “The Mayana Soora Thiruvizha” festival takes place every March in the small village of Kaveripattinam, the day after Mahashivarathiri (The great night of Shiva). The festival is devoted to Angalamman, a fierce guardian deity worshipped widely in Southern India. Photo and caption by Mahesh Balasubramanian / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Drying saris near the Ganges river
Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia
A group of women dry their saris in the sun after they have been washed in the Ganges river.
Photo and caption by Nacho Calonge / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

The Flying Ball
Location: Barakoa, Cuba
Children of the streets
Photo and caption by Dana Caspi / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Ladies in Waiting
Location: Burough Market, London, England
While exploring Burough Market in London, I was delighted to come across four lovely young women dressed in vintage white dresses, eating ice cream as the local shopkeeper looked on. Are they brides? Or bridesmaids. I don't know, but they are obviously enjoying a very special day.
Photo and caption by Susie Stern / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Are you here for the Winery Tour?
Location: Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Australia
This is a Western Grey Kangaroo caught lounging in the wineries of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. This past Autumn has been a spectacular time for wildlife viewing and I got lucky to spot this guy while mountain biking in the hills. Such a funny stance it just begs the question… Have you been drinking? …and or… Are you here for the Winery Tour? Such a spontaneous moment I figured it would be perfect for an entry. I hope you like it! Cheers.
Photo and caption by Greg Snell / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

A Love Mysterious
Location: San Francisco, CA
The sun sets as the majestic fog of the Pacific coast glides under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The long exposure of the fog reveals a silky texture as the low clouds rise and fall over San Francisco's trademark hills. All the while, tourists and locals alike make their drive along the mountainside, to try and capture the moment for themselves.
Photo and caption by Michael Perry / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Sami Children at the Jokkmokk Winter Market in Swedish Lapland
Location: Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland
The Samis, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, traditionally are reindeer herders. The Jokkmokk Winter Market, now going for more than 400 years, is a traditional festival and popular meeting place for the Sami people. Here, a charming and vivacious Sami girl pulls her brother onto her lap as he tries to wander off on his own. The wooden sleigh was later pulled by reindeers herded by her family and paraded through the market streets. Three generations of her family, all decked out in colourful Sami costumes, proudly walked alongside the sleigh.
Photo and caption by Joyce Le Mesurier / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Et lux in tenebris lucet
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Inside the monastery of St Michael, where the funerals have been held of many who died during the protests in Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti).
Photo and caption by Giorgio Bianchi / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

North Canyon
Location: Nazar, Portugal
A surfer ending a giant wave in Nazar North Canyon.
Photo and caption by Rui Caria / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Location: leopard,wildlife,nature,mammal,bigcat,animal,botswana,okavango,delta,Africa
A female leopard resting on a tree branch in Kwai, Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Photo and caption by Chris Schmid / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Kilauea Rules
Location: Big Island – HI
The most extreme place we put ours kayakers to paddle till now.
Photo and caption by Alexandre Socci / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Sunset in longji
Location: Longji, Guangxi china
Taken end of afternoon in the wonderful place call Longji rice field terrace in Guangxi Province
Photo and caption by thierry bornieror / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

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