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30+ Mother-Daughter Tattoos Celebrating Their Special Life-Long Bond

Tattoos are often thought of as something just for the younger generations. But as we’ve seen, there are also older folks that rock some amazing ink. As attitudes towards body art continue to evolve, people that were once opposed tattoos are now open to the idea—like moms. Rather than steering clear of these permanent adornments, some choose to embrace them and make the experience one that they share with their offspring. Often, they culminate in unique mother-daughter tattoos that are an unconventional way to express the pair’s loving bond.

When it comes to design, there are many directions that a mother-daughter tattoo can take. Diptychs are popular; one person gets half of an image that, when put together, completes the whole. The result is a sweet symbol of their relationship.

It’s not the only way that two people choose to express themselves, though. Other tattoos get even more creative and incorporate their own special touches. “Yesterday I got my first tattoo,” Tumblr user Melchiorgabor shares, “and my mom got one too! mine (on top) says ‘you are my sunshine’ in her handwriting, and hers says ‘my only sunshine’ in my handwriting.” For Sophie Dore, her matching tattoo symbolizes her mother’s everlasting presence. She writes: “I can look down at my leg everyday and know I’m never alone!”

Regardless of the style or imagery, there’s one unifying sentiment—that these tattoos are pleasant reminders of people who love each other unconditionally.

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Photo: @audjmcd

Mother Daughter Tattoos

Photo: @mataleaj

Mother Daughter Tattoos

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