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Quirky Cat-Shaped Flip Flops are the Puuurfect Addition to Summer Fashion

Cat Sandals

If you’re now experiencing scorching summer temperatures, it’s a safe bet you’ve packed away your boots and opted for something a little cooler on your feet. For this, flip flops are an obvious choice. With their streamlined design, however, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of opportunity to try something new. But as the Japanese brand Nyarageta shows, you can improve on a classic. They’ve created cat sandals that go beyond playful colors or prints and transform the footwear base into the shape of a feline.

The name Nyarageta has significance to the product itself. It’s a combination of three words: nya, which translates as meow; Nara, the city where the flip flops are produced; and geta, the traditional wooden Japanese sandal. The cat flip flops are a comfortable alternative to the geta that women wear with their summer kimonos (yukata). Rather than wood, they’re made from EVA, a lightweight foam that’s easy on the feet.

The quirky cat flip flops are available in three different colors. Although they’re designed with a yukata in mind, their versatile style ensures that they’ll look good as part of everyday attire. They are sold through the online shop Village Vanguard with a delivery time at the end of June.

Japanese brand Nyarageta has a creative take on the traditional flip flop with their cat sandals.

Cat Sandals
Cat Sandals

Photo: @chapesu

Meant to wear with a summer kimono, the foam cat flip flops come in three different designs.

Cat Sandals

Cat SandalsNyarageta: Website
h/t: [RocketNews24]

All images via Nyarageta unless otherwise stated.

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