Artist Transforms Building Façade in France With Delicate Painted Lace

Public Art in Brittany by NeSpoon

Polish street artist NeSpoon is known for creating murals based on delicate patterns of antique lace. And now, she's brought her unique style to a small town in French Brittany. Painting for the In Cité, Festival écologique d'Arts Urbains, NeSpoon transformed the façade of a building into a stunning work of art.

As usual, the artist turned to the past in order to create the pattern for her work. In this case, she used 19th-century French needle lace as her inspiration. Working freehand, NeSpoon passed six days under inclement weather painting the building. The cold rain, however, was no match for her creativity—she managed to complete her work despite the external obstacles in her way.

This was the sixth edition of the eco festival, which uses installations, performances, murals, and sculptures to bring new life to the small town. As usual, NeSpoon's work brings class and nostalgia to the architecture that she paints. But, at the same time, the murals add a touch of modernity to the city. By combining cutting-edge street art techniques with classical subjects, she is able to successfully bridge the gap between old and new.

NeSpoon's dynamic work demonstrates how public art can truly transform the environment. Her work is sure to become a new landmark in Callac, and bring a sense of artistry to the small town.

Polish street artist NeSpoon transformed a building in Brittany, France into a work of art.

NeSpoon Mural in Callac

Lace Street Art Mural in Callac

She based her work on a 19th-century French needle lace pattern.

19th Century French Lace Pattern

NeSpoon spent six days hand-painting the design on the facade of the building.

NeSpoon Painting in France

Street Artist NeSpoon Painting in France

NeSpoon: Website | Behance | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by NeSpoon.

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