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Hotel Design Inspired by a Cross-Sectioned Amethyst Geode

Amethyst, a beautiful precious gemstone, is the inspiration behind NL Architects’ proposed chain of hotels. But, their unconventional design does more than just reference the color. It makes the structure appear as if it’s the jewel itself. The Amsterdam-based designers created the illusion by splitting the building in half with the brilliant, multifaceted purple forms at its core.

At first glance, this building looks like a sculpture rather than lodging. Access to the rooms is available along the outside perimeter, and the accommodations are located around the central void of the building. The interior is framed by the crystalline clusters that act as unique sets of geometric windows.

NL Architects’ proposal is intended to promote the believed healing qualities of amethyst – just as traveling can rejuvenate the spirit. The first hotel is planned for Ocean Flower, a man-made island that’s currently under development north of Hainan, China.

NL Architects website
via [designboom and ArchDaily]

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