Ocean-Inspired Illustration Raises Awareness of Rapid Marine Life Extinction

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

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In a bid to help raise awareness for the pressing issues our planet’s oceans are facing today, British illustrator Mat Miller teamed up with Pangeaseed Foundation for his latest piece, titled Equilibrium. The colorful illustration is part of the company’s In Peril print collection, which aims to highlight the rapid extinction of sea creatures and their ecosystem’s vulnerability.

“When creating this piece I wanted to focus on the subject of the loss of biodiversity in ocean habitats, particularly coral reefs,” Miller states. “I watched a speech by Sir David Attenborough recently that was making its rounds online. In this, he explains that we are in the midst of our planet’s 6th mass extinction event of which human beings are the sole cause.”

Taking Sir Attenborough’s words seriously, Miller decided to channel his devastation into a positive piece of art. Rendered using fine liners, watercolor paint, and acrylic ink, Miller’s illustration captures a vibrant underwater habitat, where tropical fish, marine crustaceans, and colorful coral live together in harmony. On the bottom right of the image, there’s even a pair of creeping octopus arms, while the rest of its body is hidden behind the sea’s lush foliage. Each hand-drawn motif plays a vital part in the overall piece, just like every creature in the ocean has an important part to play. Miller explains, “If you were to take away one element then the composition would be off in just the same way as taking away one element completely in a real-life sense would have huge repercussions for the rest of the ecosystem”

You can help support conservation awareness efforts by buying your own print of Equilibrium on the Pangeaseed Foundation online store. A portion of the sale proceeds go to the organization’s “ARTivism” programs, where they work to help save our seas through ocean-inspired contemporary art. You can see more from Miller’s portfolio on his website.

Mat Miller's Equilibrium illustration highlights the importance of protecting sea creatures and their inhabitats.

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

The colorful illustration is part of Pangeaseed Foundation's In Peril print collection.

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

Ocean Art Equilibrium Illustration by Mat Miller

Mat Miller: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Behance | Tumblr | Etsy | Society6

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Mat Miller. 

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