Learn How To Crochet a Fashionably Fringy Bag in This Beginner Class on the Craft

Fringe Crochet Bag

Working with your hands can be a great way to relax while being creative. If you've ever wanted to jump into the art of crochet but weren't sure where to start, My Modern Met Academy has something for you. Our Crochet Crash Course is an online class designed to help beginners enter the world of crochet. While learning basic stitches, you'll put together a fashionable Fiesta Fringe Bag that you can customize with different colors and accessories.

Like all courses at the Academy, the crochet class is led by an expert who will put you right at ease. Designer Khara Plicanic is a skilled teacher who developed this fringy bag to be easy enough for anyone to master. She holds your hand through the entire process and breaks down the project into five bite-sized lessons. In a little over an hour, you'll have all the skills that you need to put together your bag, and you'll feel confident enough to tackle new crochet projects.

Khara makes the entire process fun while offering valuable knowledge. This includes everything from how to choose the right materials and read a crochet pattern to how to finish crochet rows. By showing her tips and tricks, Khara makes it easy for you to carry over what you've learned into any future crochet adventure. In no time, you'll be picking up colorful yarns and making everything from scarves to blankets to mittens.

And, in actuality, the fringy bag from the class is so versatile that you could even make it more than once. Just pick up some different colored yarns and you can put together different versions to match your outfit, go with the changing seasons, or even to gift to friends.

“I created this course as a welcome party for crochet newbies,” Khara shares. “The project is simple enough for a beginner, but fancy enough to feel like you really accomplished something when finished. Before you know it, you'll be looking for your next project and proudly saying, ‘Look what I made!'”

Enroll in Crochet Crash Course: Fiesta Fringe Bag on My Modern Met Academy today. When you’re done, check out more of our courses that are sure to spark your creativity.

Always wanted to learn how to crochet? Take our Crochet Crash Course: Fiesta Fringe Bag to get the basics and create something beautiful.

Online Crochet Class for Beginners

Instructor Khara Plicanic will take you through all the steps, from selecting materials…

What Materials Do I Need to Crochet

to learning basic stitches.

Learn a Basic Crochet Stitch

You'll also learn how to read a crochet pattern and finish crochet rows.

Beginner Crochet Class Online

In the end, you'll put together your bag.

Learn to Crochet Online

And add fun fringe and accessories to make it pop.

Learn to Make a Crochet Bag

Then you can take your skills forward into any crochet project that you want.

Online Crochet Class

Enroll today to join Khara and start crocheting.

Khara Plicanic Crochet Class

Get an introduction to this class in the video below:

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