Photography Collective Highlights Washington State’s Beautiful Vistas in New Book

Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (Photo: Kevin McNeal)
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For 13 years, some of the Pacific Northwest's top photographers have worked together as the Photo Cascadia collective. These seven photographers, all of whom have their own thriving businesses, formed the collective to promote the natural beauty of the area and encourage its conservation. After successfully publishing their first book in 2020, Photo Cascadia is back with an incredible homage to the landscape of Washington State.

Washington Evergreen is a collection of 200 photographs that show the beauty of Washington. From the majestic Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound to the soaring peaks of Mt. Ranier, these landscapes are a testament to the diverse environments that define the Pacific Northwest. For Photo Cascadia's seven photographers—Erin Babnik, Sean Bagshaw, David Cobb, Adrian Klein, Kevin McNeal, Chip Phillips, and Zach Schnepf—these environments are a constant source of inspiration.

“As nature photographers, we find endless inspiration in Washington’s amazing range of outdoor environments, from the rugged to the pastoral, and also in the areas where urban elements are juxtaposed with nature in charming ways,” Babnik tells My Modern Met.

“The state has an abundance to offer anyone seeking unique scenery, but it also repays repeat visits due to its distinct seasonal variations and ever-changing qualities of light. Washington really is a paradise for photographers as well as for appreciators of any outdoor activities, thanks to the state’s bountiful natural beauty.”

To ensure that Washington Evergreen displayed the full breadth of the state's natural beauty, the photographers scoured their archives and then compiled a list of any site that they felt was still missing. The collective then set out to photograph the missing areas in order to guarantee that Washington was represented to its fullest.

The result is a rich, varied look at Washington and all that it has to offer. Through the lenses of these photographers, we're able to see the raw, natural environment. The collective hopes that this work will encourage readers to go out and explore these areas for themselves and to join efforts to conserve them for future generations.

Washington Evergreen will be released on October 25, 2022, and is currently available for pre-sale.

For 13 years, the Photo Cascadia collective has been photographing the Pacific Northwest.

The Enchantments, Alpine Lake Wilderness at Sunset

The Enchantments, Alpine Lake Wilderness. (Photo: Zack Schnepf)

Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park (Photo: Kevin McNeal)

Palouse Hills at Steptoe Butte State Park Heritage Site

Palouse Hills at Steptoe Butte State Park Heritage Site (Photo: Chip Phillips)

Sucia Island

Sucia Island (Photo: Adrian Klein)

Their new book, Washington Evergreen, is a collection of 200 photos exploring the state's natural beauty.

Forest at Kettle Range at Sherman Pass

Kettle Range at Sherman Pass (Photo: Chip Phillips)

Beacon Rock State Park

Beacon Rock State Park (Photo: Sean Bagshaw)

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park (Photo: Erin Babnik)

View of Mt. Rainier from the Goat Rocks Wilderness

View of Mt. Rainier from the Goat Rocks Wilderness. (Photo: David Cobb)

Washington Evergreen is currently available for pre-sale.

Washington Evergreen by Photo Cascadia

Photo Cascadia: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Photo Cascadia.

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