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Stylish "PLYbike" Features Beautiful Frame Made from Wood

A bike with a fiberglass frame isn’t the only way to ride in style. Dots Design Studio, a multidisciplinary Bangkok-based firm, makes handcrafted bicycles using timber parts. Their sleek PLYbike is composed of sandwiched wood veneer, and highlights a beautiful surface design thanks to the contrasting-colored wood. It was recently showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week.

In addition to its natural frame, PLYbike features curvy handlebars made from layered oak, teak, and walnut woods. Riders can choose between Bullhorn and Vintage style bars to complement their personal aesthetic. And because everything can’t be wood, copper-plating is used for the metal components of the structure. Its leather seat is made by Brooks, an English Company who’ve been outfitting bicycles for over 150 years. The unique combination of materials and thoughtful details make the PLYbike perfect for a trek around town.

Dots Design Studio website
via [Inhabitat]

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