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Mysterious Photos of Fluffy Clouds Encased in Glass by Raffaello De Vito

Italian photographer Raffaello De Vito recently unveiled an intriguing series that he calls Atmosphere-Clouds. The primarily monochromatic images feature six cloud structures that are encased in glass and seemingly floating in midair. They resemble the picturesque, fluffy white vapors that we see in the sky on a nice day, and it almost looks as though they were contained in these boxes for safekeeping.

We can’t help but wonder how the photographer constructed these fascinating illusions. Are they made with cotton and suspended inside? De Vito wants to keep us guessing, and he never reveals anything about their production. “I believe that photography should be poetry and that poetry should suggest mystery,” he writes. And, with Atmosphere-Clouds, he has certainly done just that. Although we can’t be sure of how he crafted these images, we can’t deny that they’re alluring and beautifully artistic; it’s reason enough to admire them.

Raffaello De Vito website and Behance page
via [Faith is Torment]

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