Majestic Photos of 8 Remaining Species of Bears Are Featured in Conservation Photo Book

Marsel van Oosten

A polar bear, one of eight remaining bear species on Earth. (Photo: Marsel van Oosten/Remembering Bears)

Bears are often overlooked among the dwindling animal species of our planet. It’s often believed that woods are chock-full of grizzlies and black bears hunting salmon and berries. However, on a global scale, the future of bears—carnivorous mammals in the Ursidae family—is less certain. An elegant coffee table book featuring the work of renowned wildlife photographers, entitled Remembering Bears, seeks to bring awareness and raise funds for conservation. The book includes stunning shots of the only eight remaining bear species in the world, six of which are listed as vulnerable or endangered.

Remembering Bears is a new publication from the series Remembering Wildlife. The photo book series launched as a means to raise money for conservation efforts around the world. Within days of launching on kickstarter, Remembering Bears surpassed its financial goals. The fund has raised over $160,000 through sales of the title. All profits will go to conservation efforts around the world, many of which are struggling financially due to tourism drying up in the pandemic.

The book is made possible by the generous contribution of images by renowned photographers from around the world. These include Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Greg du Toit, and Daisy Gilardini. The cover image of a polar bear was taken by Morten Jørgensen. These artists have followed wildlife and set motion-triggered cameras to capture stunning images of American black bears, Andean bears, Asiatic black bears, brown bears, giant pandas, polar bears, sloth bears and sun bears. The magnificence and strength of these creatures belies the challenges they face from habitat erosion, human activity, and other factors.

You can get your copy of Remembering Bears today to join in efforts to preserve these noble creatures. To receive your copy, purchase it on Kickstarter by Sunday, May 1, 2022.

Remembering Bears is a stunning photo book about the eight species of bears remaining on Earth.

Stunning Photo Book “Remembering Bears” Is an Ode to the Eight Remaining Bear Species

Photo: Morten Jørgensen/Remembering Bears

Six of these species are endangered or vulnerable.

A black bear cub in Alaska.

A black bear cub in Alaska. (Photo: Amy Gulick/Remembering Bears)

The book features the work of renowned photographers from around the world.

Spectacled or Andean Bear

Spectacled or Andean Bear in Ecuador. (Photo: Pete Oxford/Remembering Bears)

It is part of the Remembering Wildlife series.

Giant Pandas in captivity in China.

Giant Pandas in captivity in China. (Photo: Suzi Estzerhas/Remembering Bears)

Get your copy by May 1, 2022 on Kickstarter and support conservation efforts.

A Sun bear in Indonesia.

A Sun bear in Indonesia. (Photo: Tim Laman/Remembering Bears)

Tin Man Lee (brown bear) 456 copy

A brown bear mother and cub. (Photo: Tin Man Lee/Remembering Bears)

A sloth bear in India.

A sloth bear in India. (Photo: Vladimir Cech Jr/Remembering Bears)

Fredrik Granath Polar BEar

A polar bear. (Photo: Fredrik Granath/Remembering Bears)

Remembering Bears: Kickstarter | Remembering Wildlife Series

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Remembering Bears.

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