Realistic Painted Brushstrokes Make These Murals Pop With Vibrant Color

Mural of Monochrome Torso with Colorful Paint Strokes

With his new mural series, Undertones, Hawaiian street artist Sean Yoro combines monochrome hands and torsos with illusionistic strokes of paint. These thick brushstrokes either appear on their own, seem to cross in front of a figure, or intersect parts of the human body. Hovering in space, they provide a splash of color across these brick and cement walls.

Yoro, who is most well-known for painting his street art on hard-to-reach surfaces surrounded by water, was inspired by his travels for this new set of work. After crossing paths with many different types of creators, Yoro wanted to harness the spirit he felt within each of them and transform it into something visual.

“Even though every person had their own creative path, to me it all felt rooted in the same energy,” Yoro tells My Modern Met. “I wanted to create a series that could encapsulate this energy and drive to leave your own mark on the world using these raw brushstrokes in each painting.”

By juxtaposing the colorful paints with monochromatic depictions of the human body, Yoro shines a spotlight on this artistic energy. The color is a powerful reinforcement of the creativity Yoro has encountered on his travels. Vibrant and spirited, these brilliant hues help emphasize the passion of any true artist. Yoro hopes that these new murals will send a strong message to other creators in the world, particularly those who are unsure of their current path.

“I wanted to emphasize the potential impact we all hold if we dedicate and sacrifice for our passions and talents in life,” he shares. “For me, once I found my love for art, it was such a battle with myself to gain the confidence to chase a dream career in the art world. I wanted a series that would have inspired my younger self to act on that dream sooner and trust in your feelings because, in the end, you'll have your own unique mark to look back on.”

Sean Yoro's new illusionistic murals play with thick brushstrokes painted on walls.

Hand Painted on Wall with Fuchsia Brushstroke and Vine
Mural of Hand with Colorful Paint Splashes by Sean Yoro

Two Hands Painted on a Wall with Yellow Brushstroke

The colorful brushstrokes are an homage to the creative energy he's encountered during his travels.

Illusion of a Brushstroke Painted on a Wall

Illusion of a Brushstroke Painted on a Wall

Brushstroke Mural by Sean Yoro

Wall Painting of Man from Behind with Brushstrokes

Sean Yoro: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Sean Yoro.

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