Watch a Group of Seniors Enjoy the Beach With the Help of Floating Chairs

This is kindness.
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The beauty of the ocean is alluring at any age, but it may not be accessible for everyone. This is especially true for the elderly, as many no longer possess the physical abilities to walk in the sand, keep their balance, and swim. However, they deserve to enjoy a beach day as much as anyone. That's why the staff at De La Maris, a retirement home in Brazil, is taking their residents out to the sea in some cleverly designed floating chairs.

In a video posted to Reddit, the De La Maris team can be seen readying a group of seniors for a trip to the beach. They dutifully put sunscreen on their faces and extremities before carrying them into the amphibious chairs. Equipped with wheels and floating devices, these aquatic seats ensure a safe sea venture. After securing the seniors to the chairs, they go down to the beach. The approach is slow at first, with the staff placing ocean water on the senior's legs. But after they get acclimated, the elderly are happily floating in the water, aided by the chair alone.

According to the caption, some of the seniors shown in the video had not been to the ocean in decades, making the visit even more exciting for everyone. While this activity is not directly stated in their website, De La Maris promises leisure activities and socialization for all their residents. It is certainly heartwarming to see the retirement home go the extra mile for their residents to enjoy a relaxing day in the ocean.

h/t: [Reddit]

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