Sleepy Cat Shironeko Lives in Constant State of Bliss

It's been a pretty cat-tastic week here at My Modern Met, with our posts on the world's angriest feline and this adorably surprised kitty. Today, we bring you Shironeko (“White Cat”), also known as Kagoneko (“Basket Cat”), a Turkish Van cat who is known for his perpetually sleepy and happy expressions, his habit of curling up in small baskets, and his amazing ability to balance various objects on his head.

The 12-year-old kitty, who lives in Japan with his owner and a whole pack of other feline friends, has been a member of the internet cat elite for several years. Viewers, who have nicknamed him “Basket Cat” and “Zen Cat,” are captivated by Shironeko's delightfully round face, blissed-out expression, and endless patience for the silly antics his owner subjects him to.

Whether Shironeko is balancing miscellaneous fruits and vegetables on his head, covered in flowers, dressed up in cute hats, or hanging out in small containers, the adorable cat's closed eyes and little smile always make him look absolutely at peace with the world and his own existence.

Shironeko's blog
Shironeko on YouTube
via [SNAP!]

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