Astronaut Captures Incredible View of What a Sunset Looks Like from Space

Earth Sunset from Space by Alexander Gerst/ESA

Photo: ©️ ESA-A.Gerst

Look up #sunset on Instagram and you'll find over 200 million images from all over the world. But while we're all here on Earth trying to capture the best sunset photo possible, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has a view that only a few will ever see. Gerst has spent more time in space than any other active European Space Agency astronaut. He also happens to be an avid photographer, which makes for some of the most unique sunset photos we've ever seen.

Gerst is currently back on Earth and tweeted some images of a sunset he viewed from outer space. Taken in 2018 when he was Commander of the International Space Station, the stunning photos show a wash of warm color layered over a portion of Earth. On one side, the planet is cloaked in darkness; on the other, it’s bathed in bright sunlight. Gerst's photograph really demonstrates how the sunset is the dividing barrier between light and darkness.

This isn't the first time that Gerst has shared his unique view of the world with the public. His photographs of Super Typhoon Trami provided an unforgettable look at the power of this storm, and his perspective from the ISS afforded him a unique look at thunderstorms. With 362 days in space under his belt, Gerst is the perfect guide to show the world what an astronaut experiences. His Flickr account is filled with imagery that shows the daily life of an astronaut, giving a behind the scenes look at his time with colleagues and his bird's-eye view of outer space.

Earth Sunset from Space by Alexander Gerst/ESA

Photo: ©️ ESA-A.Gerst

ESA: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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