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Creative Sushi Trend Transforms Ordinary Pieces into Graceful Swimming Koi

The art of sushi has had a whimsical transformation thanks to a recent trend in Japanese cuisine. Known as Nishikigoi no Sugatazushi (“Multicolored Koi-Shaped Sushi”), these delectable morsels are cut and sculpted to look like graceful, swimming fish. The edible craft springs to life on the plate, and the school of “koi” appear as though they’re in motion.

The creatures utilize the same ingredients found in conventional sushi. One method of building them involves strips of salmon, sea urchin and an egg that are pressed atop blocks of rice, along with a few flecks of nori seaweed. Each “fish” is then covered with a thin slice of translucent squid cut to resemble a tail and fins. For the finishing touch, two small dots of nori are added as the eyes.

Practiced by the Nishikizushi sushi shop, located in Saiki, Japan, these uniquely-styled dishes are delivered for 800 yen ($6.70) per piece.

Photo source: grape

Photo source: grape

Youtube channel JunsKitchen created a step-by-step guide on how to make this adorable sushi for yourself:

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