Architect Uses AI Technology to Transform Crumpled Paper Into Futuristic Buildings

AI Generated Architecture based on crumpled paper

Architectural designer Tim Fu, formerly of Zaha Hadid Architects, is embracing AI technology and showing how the tool can be integrated into architectural practices. A recent exercise using a crumpled piece of paper and LookX, an AI platform for designers and architects, is particularly interesting.

Fu was inspired by Frank Gehry‘s infamous creative practice, which was immortalized on The Simpsons. He decided to see how LookX, which is trained on architectural sets, would respond to pieces of plain white crumpled paper. By uploading an image and using different famous architects as prompts, he was able to achieve incredible results.

“I wanted to showcase how the arbitrariness of an input can be interpreted by the AI to produce very refined results, thus showcasing how the stark contrast between whimsicality and intention can both play a role in design,” he explains.

These AI buildings are each distinct interpretations of the paper's form and, in many ways, do seem like plausible designs by the respective architects. Fu is already incorporating AI into his practice at Studio Tim Fu and sees AI as a clear way forward for designers.

“AI will surely disrupt our current mode of practicing architecture and design,” he shares. “As a whole, I believe it will cause a significant positive impact on our society. AI is the next step in our technological revolution. Processes of design and production will become much more automated, streamlining various processes together and reducing human inefficiencies.”

At the same time, he's also aware that there will be growing pains as the industry adapts to AI. “There are also inevitable negatives, such as the necessity for [the] human workforce to redistribute. This has always been the case with new technologies, and humans need to continually adapt.”

See more of Fu's crumpled paper architecture below and check out LookX to see how this architecture AI generator performs.

Architectural designer Tim Fu was inspired by Frank Gehry to create AI architecture based on crumpled paper.

Crumpled Paper on a Computer LookX AI Architecture Generator AI Generated Architecture based on crumpled paper

Fu used a new AI generator, LookX, for the project. LookX is trained on architectural sets and is geared toward designers.

Crumpled Paper on a Computer LookX AI Architecture Generator LookX AI Architecture Generator

Fu is one of many designers who embrace the use of AI in the creative process and sees it as the new way forward.

Crumpled Paper on a Computer AI Generated Architecture based on crumpled paper AI Generated Architecture based on crumpled paper

Tim Fu: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Tim Fu.

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Jessica Stewart

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