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Geometric Glass Planters Combine an Industrial Aesthetic with Lush Nature

With spring quickly approaching, it's the perfect time to add a terrarium to your home. Istanbul-based Etsy shop Waen crafts geometric glassware that adds a modern touch to a conventional planter. Dodecahedrons, icosidodecahedrons, teardrops, diamonds, and other angular, multi-sided shapes form these minimalist products, which you enhance using your own succulents, flowers, candles, or even wedding rings.

To create these gorgeous industrial-inspired pieces, Waen–run by Murat Ozsaltik and Asli Candan Ozsaltik–use the same technique that produces Tiffany stained glass. Their planters are formed with 2 millimeters of hand-cut clear glass whose edges are then ground smoothed, cleaned, and copper foiled. Afterwards, the Ozsaltiks wash, patina, and wax the terrariums, offering four finishing options: black, silver, rustic copper, and bright copper. Each has their own specific look and feel to complement your plants and decor.

All of Waen's glass terrariums are available in their popular Etsy shop.

Waen: Etsy | Instagram | Facebook
via [So Super Awesome]

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