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40+ Watercolor Tattoos That Beautifully Transform Bodies Into Living Art

Traditional tattoos are typically characterized by thick, black lines, solid blocks of color, and straightforward shading. Though tried-and-true, this approach to body art is not the only one! Recently, watercolor tattoos have taken the body inking world by storm with their ethereal style, fluid forms, and vivid hues. In this collection of unique watercolor tattoos, we explore the diversity and artistic value of this painterly practice.

Featuring some of our favorite ink artists—including Ondrash, Jasper Andres, Aleksandra Katsan, and Mini Lau—as well as numerous new discoveries, the colorful compilation of tattoos showcases some of the best watercolor-inspired body art. Whether softly stippled, delicately blotted, or energetically evocative of paint splatters, the tattoos present the different ways that artists employ the watercolor medium as their muse.

See the entire collection of beautiful watercolor tattoos below.

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