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Temporary Tattoos Specially Designed with an Old School Twist

Designer Wilma Boekholt (of Tattoorary) creates temporary tattoos, but with an old school twist. In February 2014, the artist felt that there was a need for temporary tattoos with a distinctly authentic look. Though she absolutely loves tattoos, Boekholt isn’t the type to commit long-term, which is why she was mainly interested in a piece of art that isn’t permanent. Since that time, the designer has worked to build Tattoorary, a store showcasing vintage, floral, and even Delfts Blauw tattoo designs. Delfts Blauw refers to a blue-and-white pottery style that’s signature to the Netherlands.

Boekholt’s temporary creations are high-quality and can last from two days to a week. To see if she offers anything you’d enjoy, you can visit the artist’s Etsy shop.

Tattoorary: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy
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