Unexpected Land Art Beautifully Formed in Nature

It’s fairly impossible to predict what British artist Andy Goldsworthy might come up with next! The Scotland-based artist creates intriguing, site-specific land art that utilizes natural resources in completely unexpected ways. The final results are organized, colorfully radiating leaves, spiraling sticks, and mounds of thin rocks that convey the beauty of the natural environment in creative works of art.

During his schooling, Goldsworthy found that he didn’t care for working indoors. Eventually, he ventured outside and found a new kind of canvas, one deeply rooted in the ever-changing world around him. “Nature for me isn’t the bit that stops in the national parks. It’s in a city, in a gallery, in a building. It’s everywhere we are,” says Goldsworthy. Each transient manipulation draws upon the energy and life that is flowing through the landscape. Across time, the tangible objects gradually wither away, once again becoming a part of the land.

Goldsworthy’s fantastic works are featured in a number of photo books, available on Amazon.

Andy Goldsworthy: Website
via [Pleased to Meet You I’m a Whale, La Boite Verte]