Creative Dad Chronicles His Daughter’s Lives Through Fantastical Photos

fantasy child photography

Throughout the years, John Wilhelm has been prolific in chronicling the lives of his three girls. For a parent, that fact comes as no surprise. Where Wilhelm deviates from the norm, however, is how he does it. For over six years, the photographer and self-taught digital manipulator has put his kids in some fantastical situations. From having them bathing with the fishes or howling with the wolves, these girls have had a lot of fun thanks to their dad's endless imagination. And as they grow, Wilhelm continues to incorporate them into his polished fantastical photography.

Thanks to Wilhelm, his daughters now engage in adventures at the beach, in the snow, and in never-ending fields of flowers. His signature twist is transforming any situation—no matter how ordinary—into something spectacular. Even a playground photo is made more elaborate with Wilhelm's special touch. As his three girls ride down a slide, Wilhelm has twisted it into a roller coaster-esque loop. Over the top? Definitely. But that is the beauty of his work; taking everyday moments and making them extraordinary.

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There's a lot of work that goes into John Wilhelm's fantastical photography. Here it is in progress:

John Wilhelm: Website | Facebook | Flickr
h/t: [EToday]

All images via John Wilhelm.

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