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November 13, 2017

3,500-Year-Old Stone Carving Discovery May Change Art History as We Know It

A new discovery by researchers at the University of Cincinnati is upending the way we think about the development of Western Civilization. More than one year after discovering the 3,500-year-old tomb of a Bronze age warrior in Greece, an incredible piece of carved stone could rewrite art history. Known as the Griffin Warrior tomb, the Greek government hailed it as “most important to have been discovered in 65 years.

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November 8, 2017

Photographer Captures Perfectly Framed Photos of Subtle Coincidences

When we first stumbled upon fine art photographer Denis Cherim‘s Coincidence Project, we marveled at his ability to keenly observe how natural elements align in interesting ways. As the ongoing project continues to move forward, Cherim has further refined his ability to pick out the delightful, curious—and often unobserved—coincidences that swirl around us daily. Cherim first conceived the Coincidence Project almost 5 years ago. What began as a 365 diary project transformed into something special.

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