Musician Builds 109-String Acoustic Harp Guitar That Can Play Different Chords at Once

Musicians have a special bond with their instrument, and one musician named Bernth definitely has a connection to all of his unique guitars that he’s built himself. Going the extra mile with some design experiments, he often alters his instruments to achieve new sounds. But nothing compares to one of his latest ventures. The musician recently built a 109-string acoustic guitar—a mammoth of a contraption that belongs both in a museum and the concert halls of the world.

Bernth's 109-string guitar is so complex that it evokes a harp, allowing him to build on sounds but playing each separate “guitar” on this behemoth individually and even with their own effects. The musician created this massive instrument to perform a song he wrote titled “I Still Miss You,” an epic-sounding, layered ballad that otherwise would likely require multiple musicians or different recording tracks to achieve.

“I can use one hand for rhythm and the other for solos,” Bernth explains in the video. “The harps are all tuned differently, resulting in interesting chords.” Of course, building it wasn't the only complicated part. “It took an entire day to tune this new instrument and even longer to actually figure out how to play it. But at one point it just clicked and I just wrote this song for it.” The musician shares that the song is about the pain of missing someone you care about, a feeling signaled by the urgency of the track. “This bittersweet feeling resulted in hauntingly beautiful melodies,” he says.

While this is arguably the most outlandish of his experiments, Bernth has also filled his guitar with water, replaced the strings with rubber bands, and drilled holes in the body of a guitar to get new sounds. To stay up to date with his inventions, you can subscribe to Bernth’s YouTube channel.

Musician Bernth recently built a 109-string acoustic guitar; but long before that, he made a 21-string guitar.

And a 24-string acoustic guitar.

Bernth is absolutely no stranger to thinking outside the box and developing unusual instruments to make music with.

Bernth: Website | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [Designboom]

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