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Best Wedding Photos Around the World Celebrate the Fearless Art of Love

Wedding photographers have the honor—and the difficult job—of capturing the emotion and celebration of brides and grooms around the world. And increasingly, people are looking for wedding photography that moves away from the stilted, posed photographs of the past in lieu of capturing the candid moments that make up the day.

Fearless Photographers, a website that helps you find the best wedding photographers near you, curates a gallery of stunning wedding imagery every two months. These Fearless Awards, selected by a rotating panel of award-winning wedding photographers, highlight the best in unique, artistic images that weave the tale of matrimony around the world.

From tender black and white images of relatives to joyful photographs of the happy couple, each photographer places an artistic spin on their work. More documentary than posed, many winning images show moments we can all relate to, whether it’s welling up with tears during the ceremony or seeing a little one crashing at the reception after eating too much cake.

Take a look at some of the best wedding photography from the Fearless Awards, and if you’re searching for the perfect photographer for your special day, you can use their list to browse by location. You’ll then be able to see each photographer’s social links, rates, award-winning images, and reach out to them for availability.

Fearless Photographers—a website that connects you to top wedding photographers around the world—selects the best in wedding photography every two months for their Fearless Awards.

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