Quirky Casserole Dish Playfully Designed With Creative Illustrations of Monstrous Chaos

Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole by Don Moyer

Whenever you feel like life isn't going your way, it can always be helpful to have some perspective. A well-timed reminder of your place in the universe can make your problems seem a lot less overwhelming and sometimes provide clarity on how to solve them. Other times, it can just be useful to realize that no matter how large your problems may feel, chances are, there is someone out there having a far worse day than you.

This is where the Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole comes in. Created by Don Moyer of the Pittsburgh-based Calamityware company, which specializes in creating a “wide range of unusually unsettling giftware,” the unique casserole dish is designed to be reminiscent of the iconic blue and white porcelain cookware found in many homes, but with a twist. Instead of tranquil nature scenes printed on the side of the the dish, it features images of chaotic and fantastical catastrophes that could befall you. In fact, the lid is decorated with “whimsical reminders of how much worse things could be.”

The casserole dish serves as an homage to the outlandish pandemonium we see in TV, film, and pop culture at large. The dastardly dishware features a plethora of misfortunes with varying degrees of realism, including but not limited to: bears, demons, sea monsters, UFOs, and zombie poodles. Despite the calamity ensuing atop the cookware, there's solace in knowing a nice hot meal is within. And once the food is finished, there's even a cute little surprise inside—a tiny cat. The serving dish is also oven safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, making it a durable centerpiece that is sure to dazzle at your next dinner party.

Those interested in purchasing the Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole dish can make a pledge on Kickstarter to receive their very own piece of diabolical dishware by December 2024. If you want another piece of foreboding cookware for your home, you can do so on the Calamityware website.

The Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole dish reminds us that no matter how bad things get, they could always be worse.

Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole Dish by Don Moyer

Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole Dish by Don Moyer

Mashed potatoes in the Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole dish by Don Moyer

Things-Could-Be-Worse Casserole Dish by Don Moyer

It is styled to look like a classic blue and white porcelain casserole dish, but with a collection of potential bad things that could happen printed on the sides.


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