May 16, 2019

15+ Creative Gifts to Wow the People Who Have Everything

We all have people in our lives who are absolutely impossible to shop for. These folks seem to have it all—so what could they possibly want for a present? If you’re stumped when it comes to getting gifts for people who have everything, we’re here to help. Through My Modern Met Store, we’ve curated a collection of products that’ll make it a breeze to buy for anyone in your life.

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May 14, 2019

This Movie Theater Replaced All of Its Ordinary Seats with Comfy Double Beds

Many avid movie-goers would agree that standard cinema seats aren’t the most comfortable. Most auditoriums are filled with as many seats as possible, meaning customers are often left with minimal leg room and not enough space to recline. In a bid to change this, Cinema Pathé in Switzerland has recently opened a “VIP bedroom” screen, complete with double beds in place of confining cinema seats.

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May 10, 2019

10+ Stylish Bookends to Add a Creative Touch to an Ordinary Bookshelf

A bookend might sound like an unnecessary piece of decor, but have you ever tried to arrange your shelf without one? Getting a collection of books to stand upright is hard to do without one of these handy pieces of decor. Luckily, designers everywhere are making creative bookends that are both practical and add statement-making style to your home. Clever bookends go beyond their design to transform a shelf into a playful scene.

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May 6, 2019

Adobe After Effects Now Has Content-Aware Fill to Auto-Erase Unwanted Items in Videos

If you’re interested in motion graphics and digital visual effects, there’s great news from Adobe. Two years after teasing the feature at Adobe MAX, content-aware fill is now available in After Effects. One of Photoshop’s most coveted features, content-aware fill allows you to quickly erase unwanted elements from a video. Anyone who works on videos will know that this is a huge timesaver. Gone are the days of eliminating an element from individual video frames.

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