April 26, 2024

Artistic Playing Cards Celebrate the Fantasy Worlds of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’

Some pieces of literature capture our imaginations from the moment they are published. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are two epic series that have done just that. Whether you've read all the books or watched all the films, these epic fantasy tales have had an undeniable impact on our culture. Now, you can bring a bit of the magic of these stories with you thanks to beautifully designed playing cards by theory11.

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April 24, 2024

The 5 Best 3D Printers for Beginners in 2024

Whether you’re a budding artist or a fervent DIYer, 3D printing is a useful tool for bringing your designs to life. It can be used to create unique home decor, one-of-a-kind art, customized organizational tools, and so much more. For those who want to dive into 3D printing for the first time, it can be overwhelming, especially when looking for the best 3D printers for beginners.

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April 20, 2024

Old Maps Used to Show California as an Island Separate From the Rest of the U.S.

California is known for many things. San Francisco cablecars, Hollywood celebrities, and the rolling vineyards of Napa Valley are among its iconic symbols. The state figures large in American culture at home and abroad, but it was once somewhat of a mystery to European explorers. In fact, throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, a strange piece of misinformation appeared on maps throughout Europe. Cartographers showed California as an island.

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April 16, 2024

87-Year-Old “China’s Hottest Grandpa” Stuns the World by Walking the Runway Shirtless

Over the last few years, the modeling world has taken strides to make the industry more inclusive. Among their achievements, they've reminded us that age is just a number. This is certainly true of Wang Deshun, a now-87-year-old Chinese male model who caught the eye of the world by showing off his toned body in his 70s while strutting down the runway shirtless.

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