May 17, 2023

Man Pays $6,000 for a Pair of Damaged Stained Glass Windows That are Actually Worth a Fortune

Antique collector Paul Brown is used to looking for interesting collectibles, but he could never have anticipated what he'd find in an old church in Philadelphia. Brown usually deals with old advertising signs and gas station memorabilia, but when he came across two old stained glass windows on Facebook marketplace, his interest was piqued. They were sitting in the Hickman Temple A.M.E. Church, which is currently being converted into the Emmanuel Christian Center.

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May 16, 2023

AI’s Multi-Tiered Camper Vans Visualize the Surreal Future of Nomadic Living

Founded by architect Ricardo Orts, Ulises is a Berlin-based design studio that specializes in crafting “near-future architecture.” Combining their multidisciplinary background with cutting-edge technology, Ulises uses Midjourney to produce surreal designs for the future. One of their most striking projects is Kinetic Kingdom, which looks at how future nomadic communities might live. By Ulises' design, these communities would take up residence in fantastical, multilevel campers that look more like mobile apartment buildings than any ordinary RV.

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May 10, 2023

Woman Creates Outfits Using 1940s Illustrations Drawn by Her Grandma Who Dropped Out of Fashion School

A TikToker named Julia is making her grandmother’s dreams come true. When visiting her grandma Georgie in January 2021, Julia began looking through sketches of dresses that Georgie designed when she was a teenager. Julia’s grandmother, it turns out, had wanted to be a fashion designer. She even attended school for it in the 1940s but was forced to drop out to care for ailing family members.

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May 5, 2023

Ingenious Measuring Cup for Instant Ramen Makes Cup Noodles Even Easier to Prepare

Instant ramen is beloved around the world for its immediacy, affordability, and taste. On top of being cheap, almost anyone is within a reasonable distance to purchasing and stocking up on the self-contained and filling meal. And the preparation? Just add boiling water and wait for a few minutes. It couldn’t get any easier…or could it? Nissin, the creators of Cup Noodles (better known as Cup Noodle in Japan)

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