Barbados Celebrates Centenarian Citizens by Printing Their Portraits on Postal Stamps

Living to 100 years old is one of life’s greatest achievements, and definitely a milestone worth celebrating. That’s why the Barbados Postal Service paid tribute to citizens of Barbados who have lived for a century with a limited edition stamp issue, aptly called Centenarians of Barbados. Comprising a total of 27 stamps, the collection was released on December 8, 2016 and is the largest stamp issue ever released on the island.

The 27 centenarian stamps feature portraits of some Bajans who have died and others who are still alive. Twenty of the stamps feature people who were 100 years old at the time of printing, while the remaining seven feature “semi-super centenarians,” who are between 105 and 109 years old, and “super centenarians” who are amazingly 110 years old or older.

One person to have her own stamp is Elaine Ometa Walkes, who was born in 1914 and celebrated her 104th birthday on January 16th, 2018. The Barbados Postal Service shared Mrs. Walkes’ stamp on Facebook, and revealed how one of her nephews describes his aunt as “still sharp, witty and very funny…told me she can see better than me.”

Costing just 65 cents, the limited edition Centenarians of Barbados stamps were previously available for three months from Barbados’ public post offices. Although they’re no longer available, you can still find images of the full series on Barbados Stamps, a free online resource dedicated to collectors of Bajan stamps.

The Barbados Postal Service paid tribute to citizens of Barbados who have lived for 100 years with a collection of 27 stamps titled Centenarians of Barbados.


When you reach 100 years old in Barbados, you get a stamp in your honour. Lovely. from r/pics

While most feature people who were 100 years old at the time of printing, some of the portraits are of “semi-super centenarians,” (between 105 and 109 years old), and even “super centenarians” who are 110 years old or older.

Centenarians of Barbados Stamps

Alma Geraldine Rae and Rose Adelin Wiltshire. (Photo: Barbados Stamps)

Centenarians of Barbados Stamps

Doris Elese Greaves and Francis Medford Clarke. (Photo: Barbados Stamps)

Centenarians of Barbados Stamps

Winston Cameron Catline and Iona Viola Griffith. (Photo: Barbados Stamps)

The Barbados Postal Service: Facebook
h/t: [Twisted Sifter, Reddit]

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