Funny Early Entries of the 2024 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Brown bear mother walking with cubs clinging to her back

“Holding on for a ride” by Alexander Fine.
Animal: Brown Bear
“Mother brown bear trying to go and her cubs want a ride instead of walking.”

With just one month left before the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards closes for entries, they've given us a sneak preview of some of the hilarious images submitted thus far. From clingy kids to a three-headed giraffe, these photos are sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Awards, founded in 2015, caters to both professional and amateur photographers and uses humor to bring attention to conservation issues. Each year, the photo contest supports a sustainable conservation organization. This year, the Whitley Fund for Nature will receive that support. The UK-based non-profit supports local conservation leaders working in their home country and has assisted more than 200 conservationists in 90 countries over the past 30 years.

“It’s a pleasure to be working with the Comedy Wildlife team—fantastic partners who share our commitment to generating vital awareness of conservation through the power of photography,” says Stefan Maier, Nikon Europe senior general manager marketing. “With only one month to go to enter the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards, we’ve loved seeing all the hilarious entries so far, and look forward to receiving more entertaining wildlife shots over the next month.”

The contest is free to enter and is accepting submissions until July 31. So, if you have a humorous wildlife photo you'd like to share, what are you waiting for? The winner will receive a safari in Kenya's iconic Maasai Mara, while other prizes include Nikon photo equipment. And, for the first time, all of the finalists will see their work on display in a special exhibit in London.

Check out some silly early entries for the 2024 Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards.

Newborn seal rolling in sand on the beach

“Laughing outloud” by Ingo Hamann.
Animal: Seal
“This newborn seal seems to be laughing at a good joke.”

Three giraffes at the Green Kalahari in South Africa

“Three heads are better than one” by John Mullineux.
Animal: Giraffe
“Two male giraffe were fighting shortly after drinking some water in the green Kalahari. They again started sizing each other up but ended up scooching over to a third giraffe. In a single moment, the three formed one body with three heads.”

Two polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

“Did You Hear the One About The….?” by Wendy Kaveney.
Animal: Polar bear
“Anthropomorphic antics of polar bears (Ursus maritimus) telling each other jokes and laughing hysterically.”

Three toed sloth hanging on a branch in Costa Rica

“Slow hands” by Harry Collins.
Animal: Three toed sloth
“A sloth in Costa Rica that looks like he may have been a guitar player in a previous life. This image gives new meaning to Eric Clapton's nickname ‘slowhand.'”

Male mallard flying behind a tree

“Watch Out For That Tree” by Mark Koster.
Animal: Male mallard duck
“A male mallard flying appears to be running into a tree at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale, actually was flying behind it!”

Open to both professionals and amateurs, the photo contest is open for entries until July 31.

Sea turtle swimming underwater

“Pick Me Pick Meeeeee” by Thomas Van Puymbroeck.
Animal: Sea turtle
“Who wants to live in a plastic-free ocean? Meeeee.”

Group of chinstrap penguins in Antarctica

“Three's A Crowd” by Deena Sveinsson.
Animal: Chinstrap penguins
“When we finally arrived at Half Moon Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica our unassuming expedition ship was greeted by a beautiful white and snowy landscape. We zipped across the cold ocean waters, and upon disembarking the zodiacs, the group was careful to follow the increased biosecurity measures that were put into effect in Antarctica due to the bird flu. Arriving in the spring and the very early tourist season, we didn't have the large number of chinstrap penguins I had imagined we would. I expected thousands of them, but we were only greeted by a few hundred. As this was our first stop in Antarctica, I quickly started to take the usual photographs we all seemed to see. But then, in the distance, I saw these three chinstrap penguins hanging out with one another, having a good time. I walked as quickly as I could with a torn meniscus and a sprained MCL on my right knee. When I reached the penguins, it happened suddenly, there seemed to be a slight ruckus and some disagreement. Shortly after that, the penguin pair briskly walked off leaving the poor little lone fella wondering why he was left. I couldn't help but laugh when I viewed this photo on the back of my camera. How humanlike. And how awful it must be to be that third wheel.”

Funny wildlife photo

“Not a good idea” by Anton Pretorius.
Animal: Buffalo and cattle egret
“This western cattle egret thinking of having a go at the male organ of a buffalo.”

White-breasted waterhen on a branch

“Peak A Boo!” by Tilan Weerasinghe.
Animal: White-breasted waterhen
“A water cock giving a hilarious action.”

Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards.

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