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People in Tokyo Build the Most Creative “Snowmen” in the World

Winter might mean gray days and bundling up from head to toe, but it’s got one upside—snow. More specifically, the amount of powder that affords people the opportunity to build their own creative snowman. Tokyo recently experienced a bout of heavy snowfall that left abandoned cars, stalled trains, and canceled flights. So, stranded at home, many people used it as an opportunity to make their own version of a snowman—and they look nothing like what you’d expect.

Residents of Tokyo go well beyond the conventional snowman. Gone are the days of two or three balls stacked on top of one another and a carrot nose. It’s as if people use the snow like a sculptor would carve marble—its raw edges have been smooth and chiseled away to reveal the cute characters underneath. Taking inspiration from pop culture, many people recreated their favorite Pokémon or characters from Studio Ghibli films, including a Totoro that’s complete with a real umbrella. In addition to anime, Minions and Mario also made an appearance as life-sized creations with an impressive attention to detail.

Check out some of our favorite creative snowmen, below. You can use them as inspiration for your own snow sculptures the next time you experience a heavy winter storm.

Tokyo recently experienced heavy snowfall that caused travel chaos throughout the city…

… but residents turned lemons into lemonade and built their own creative snowmen that are anything but conventional.

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