Crow Nudges Hedgehog Standing in Middle of the Road to Bring It to Safety

Some communities have taken extra precautions to protecting wildlife, but roadways are typically dangerous areas for animals. Some cities around the world may have built wildlife overpasses and animal crossing signs, but it's still precarious out there for the critters. In fact, some animals seem to have learned how bad it can be and are looking out for fellow wildlife. A cute video seems to show a wise crow nudging a hedgehog standing in the middle of the road to bring it to safety.

In the clip, taken in Latvia, a driver seems to stop to let the other creatures cross the road safely. However, this doesn't seem to go as smoothly for the odd pairing. The crow, noticing the oncoming car, begins poking at the hedgehog with his beak. Confused, the hedgehog walks a little before curling up, unaware that he is still in a dangerous spot. Not giving up, the crow gets behind him, and nudges him until he has made it to the curb.

As cute as this action is, some think that the crow's actions are not as noble. Since hedgehogs have ticks and parasites living on their spines, it's possible the crow was simply trying to get a snack, regardless of how unsafe the spot they were both in was. On the other hand, crows are highly intelligent birds who may have grown aware about the dangers of the road. They are also known for being friendly with other species, so they may actually care about their neighbors.

We may never know what was truly going on between these two. Still, it doesn't hurt to think that the crow was looking after the hedgehog and the story had a happy ending. If anything, it shows that, until our city developers take into account the local fauna, it'll be down to motorists and the animals themselves to roam in peace and safely cross the road.

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Regina Sienra

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